Privacy Policy

Cab Station Co., Ltd. defines personal information as follows: it is any form of information relating to an individual such as name, address, email address, browsing records and other written or personalised numbers or symbols, as well as codes, images or voices that can identify the individual (including the information that the single information mentioned may not be identifiable but can be identified in conjunction with other information).
The Purpose of Use of Personal Informaiton
The purposes of collecting personal information are, for Cab Station, the partners and cooperative enterprises to carry out the various services on the website that Cab Station provides, for the user to see the customised information and for Cab Staion to deliver the best information based on the contents of each individual's registration.
Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
Fundamentally, without the consent of the user, Cab Station Co., Ltd., the data controller for this website, will not disclose any personal information to any parties other than Cab Station, the company itself, and the partners and cooperative enterprises with signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The enterprises or individuals who signed business contract including NDA with Cab Station manage parts of websites and travel businesses on behalf of Cab Station. * Cab Station may disclose certain personal information in following circumstances:
- If Cab Station considers that the user may cause trouble or disadvantage to a third party, Cab Station may pass the collected personal information such as ID details or registered profiles to the third party, police or other authorities. In addition, upon the request of the court, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Police, Bar Association, Consumer Centre or other bodies with authority pursuant to these to disclose the collected personal information such as ID details or registered profiles; Cab Station can to do so in response. Cab Station may also disclose the personal information in purpose of protecting Cab Station’s rights and property.
- Cab Station discloses the statistical data of the users to the enterprises, advertisers, or other third parties, in order to describe the services of Cab Station or for other lawful purposes.
Actions against Unauthorised Access to Personal Information
In order to prevent data loss, destruction, falsification, leakage or any unauthorised access to personal information from outside, Cab Station manages passwords and back-up data.
Chief Administrator
- Cab Station Co., Ltd.
- CEO Takanobu Kusunoki
Privacy over the Internet
Please note that if the user discloses one’s personal information, voluntarily, on the internet, there is a possibility that such information may be collected and used by other users on the internet. If personal information is revealed on the internet where anyone could access, the user may receive unwelcome messages based on the information posted. The user should make any transmission of information at one’s own risk. Moreover, the websites and services of other enterprises accessible through Cab Station website, or the enterprises, which collect data through competitions and advertisements, have their own privacy policies and regulations for data collections. Cab Station does not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies or activities.